Created by through the uniting of professionals from two traditional law firms, Chediak Advogados possesses a unique culture which results from the great affinity between its many members and the intense investment in planning and education.

The firm started its activities in January, 2011, through the initiative of partners Julian Fonseca Peña Chediak, José Andrés Lopes da Costa, Luiz Claudio Cristofaro, Carlos Eduardo Menezes Côrtes, and of the consultant Pedro Paulo Cristofaro. They chose to create a new law firm, built around fundamental values, a well defined mission and a vision for the future.


EFFICIENCY in having motivated and qualified professionals, who render quality services, in a timely manner and meeting the needs of the clients.

ORGANIZATION for the work to be structured, so that the clients have easy access to the members of the firm and that communication flows effortlessly, both internally and externally.

HARMONY in the daily relations between members of Chediak Advogados and between them and the people who have relationships with the firm. For these purposes, a sense of respect, ethics, meritocracy and fellowship must prevail, and the balance between the personal and professional life of all members must also be valued.

PROFITABILITY which guarantees the sustainability of the firm, with a correct co-relation between revenues and expenses which allows for the adequate remuneration of all members and ensures the clients high-quality service for a fair price.

Based on such values, we clearly identify the mission of the firm:
to cooperate with the success of our clients, develop the talent of our professionals, in a work environment which is harmonious, productive, efficient, profitable and which gives great quality of life to its members.
We summarize Chediak Advogados’ vision of the future as
one of the main firms acting in Brazil recognized for the qualification of its members, the satisfaction of its collaborators and for the relevant contribution given to its clients.